Detroit Now & Then: A Changing Cityscape

Grand Circus Park

This part of Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit lost a number of its buildings in the 90's and 2000's. At far left is the Hotel Tuller, which was demolished in 1992. In the center is the skeleton of the Adams Theater, which with the exception of the facade was demolished in 2009. On the right is the Detroit Statler Hotel, demolished in 2005.

Of special interest is the steeple of Central United Methodist Church, located to the right of the light pole in the newer image. When Woodward Avenue was widened in 1936, the church steeple and entrance were picked up and moved back from the street. Part of the center section of the church was removed, and the front half was merged into the rest of the structure.

Original photo: Date Unknown, Private collection.
Newer photo: October, 2013