Woodrow Wilson Intermediate / Phoenix Academy School

Woodrow Wilson School opened in southwest Detroit in 1918 as an elementary to relieve nearby congested schools. Within a few years the format switched over to a combination elementary and intermediate school, before becoming a intermediate-only school in 1931. In 1927 an annex containing a library, two science labs, and seven classrooms was built to increase the overall capacity of the school. Another addition in 1963 included a cafetorium and gymnasium.

At the end of the 2006-07 school year Wilson closed and was replaced with a K-8 program called the Phoenix Academy. With the building at half capacity, Detroit Public Schools decided to close the school in 2011, but instead turned it into a charter school. Unfortunately, enrollment continued to decline, and in 2016 the charter authority decided to closed the school.

After a number of serious fires, including one that resulted in an injury to a firefighter, the school was demolished in 2024.