Lillibridge School / McKinney Day Treatment Center

The Lillibridge School was built on the east side of Detroit in 1905. An addition in 1911 doubled the size of the school, and a gymnasium and auditorium were added on in 1929.

In 1963 a modern wing designed by Gunnar Birkerts was added onto the north side of the school, according to The original auditorium and gymnasium were retained, while the rest of Lillibridge School was demolished in the 1970's. Later, Mckinney Day Treatment program was housed in this building for only a short time: 2003 to 2007. The prgram then moved to Crosman school, which closed in 2009, forcing the program to move again the Turning Point Academy. Both buildings, the 1923 wing and the 1963 addition were closed in 2007 and abandoned.

The school was demolished in 2015.