John C. Marshall Elementary School

John C. Marshall Elementary School was named for the former US Congressman and chief justice of the Supreme Court. The first unit of the school, designed by McGrath and Dohmen was built in 1929 at a cost of $360,000, followed by a second unit in 1931 that brought the total capacity up to 1,750 students.

Marshall was deeply involved in supporting the Second World War, with staff members running blood banks, serving with the U.S.O., and making bandages for the Red Cross. The school was also one of the first to integrate in the city of Detroit. Marshall was also one of two schools chosen for a pilot program that trialed single-sex education.

Enrollment at Marshall fell steadily through the 2000’s, from 740 in 2003 to 446 in 2008. The school closed at the end of the 2007-08 school year and has been vacant since.