Thomas Houghten Elementary

Houghten Elementary was a school in the Old Redford neighborhood on Detroit's west side. The school was named for Thomas Houghten, a farmer and longtime member of Redford School District No. 10. In 1907 he moved to Redford Village and helped start the Redford State Savings Bank. He was shot and killed by a bank robber working at his bank in 1918.

The first unit of the school was built in 1924. A second eight room addition was completed in 1926, the year that the Redford Union School District was annexed to Detroit. Two additional wings were built in 1955, including the auditorium, gymnasium, and classrooms.

Houghten had a designed capacity of 840 students. In 1997 enrollment was, but by 2009 had fallen to just 208. In evaluating which schools would be closed that year, the district found that "All of the major infrastructure system, such as windows, roof, heating and electrical systems, within the 85 year-old building are problematic and in need of significant repair and / or replacement, requiring a potential investment of around $4.3 million." The wooden roof over the original unit was in especially bad shape.

The school closed in 2009 and was vacated. Part of the roof over two classrooms collapsed in 2010. Due to its poor condition, Houghten was demolished in April of 2016.