Guardian Angels Catholic / Brewer Elementary School

Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church was founded in 1926 at the corner of Mayfield and Hayes in northeast Detroit. Three years later, the church established a parochial school, with the first wing of School of the Guardian Angels being completed in 1929. A second wing was added in 1946. The church built a new sanctuary across the street a few years later, and the former church building was converted into a gymnasium and activity building. The existing gymnasium located inside the school was turned into a library.

G.A. Catholic School closed in 1986 as part of a diocese-wide consolidation of schools. In 1987, Detroit Public Schools reopened the school and renamed it Brewer Elementary, after the district's first African American principal, Beulah Cain Brewer. Brewer closed in 2010, and the buildings sat vacant until their demolition in March of 2013.

Historic pictures are from the Guardian Angels Alumni Facebook page.