Redford Bowl

First and foremost: we found out about this location after it was featured on detroitfunk. Check out his awesome photo essay.

The Redford Bowl and Sports bar is a former bowling alley located in the Redford neighborhood of Detroit. From 1927 to 2001 bowlers from around the area enjoyed the casual, sometimes rowdy atmosphere of the alley and bar.

On the second floor above the pro shop were offices and a screen-printing shop, which mostly turned out bowling shirts. Not much is left upstairs aside from the used screens.

At some point in the early 2000's the building was damaged by fire, and closed for renovations. Since then the lanes have fallen into disrepair, with the metal pin setters and ball returns stripped out or scrapped. Several holes in the roof are allowing the elements in.

As of 2011, the property is for sale with an asking price of $95,000.