Peter Maheras and Bronson Gentry Memorial Playfield

Maheras-Gentry Playfield has a long and colorful history: Initially conceived in 1920's, the first center was built in 1933 and later named for Peter Maheras, who died protecting his fellow soldiers in World War Two. Starting in the late 50's, a local resident - Gentry Bronson - requested that the city improve the playground. The city allotted nearly half a million dollars for a new recreation center, but later decided to build it in a predominantly white neighborhood. Bronson then threatened to bus black children to the white recreation center, causing the city council to reconsider and allot $550,000 for a pool and center in Maheras park.

After a developer attempted to purchase the park for a riverfront development, Bronson again intervened, fearing that the plan would deny residents access to the waterfront. For his efforts, the center's name was changed to Peter Maheras-Bronson Gentry Memorial Play Field in 2002.

The nearby horseshoe club is also named in his memory; Bronson Gentry was a highly-accomplished shoe pitcher, winning several national titles throughout his career.