Brewer Recreation Center

The Brewer Recreation Center on the east side of Detroit was an early casualty of budget cuts to the recreation department in the 2000's.

Construction of a recreation center on the grounds of the St. Clair Playfield in east Detroit was announced in 1927. The building on Fairview Street, originally named The St. Clair Community Center, featured a gymnasium, boxing ring, swimming pool, and an auditorium. In the upper floor was five classrooms for general instruction in subjects like art, science, and literature. It was designed by Raymond Carey with a total cost of $200,000

In 1964, Joy Middle School was built on the grounds next to the rec center. The two buildings were connected by a walkway, and the rec center was used by students for after school activities.

The building was renamed the Clarence E. Brewer Recreation Center and Playground in October of 1965 after Clarence Brewer, an early pioneer of the public recreation movement in the US. In 1978 the rec center was modernized and upgraded with funds from the Urban Park and Recreation Recovery act. The boxing ring was improved in 1990 with funds from the Leo Salakin Foundation. Further upgrades to the pool and kitchen were carried out in 2003, just three years before it closure. The primary contractor for the upgrades was Bobby Ferguson, a close friend of then-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

On June 22nd, 2006, the Detroit Recreation Department announced that the Brewer Recreation Center would close the next day due to budget problems. Joy Middle School had closed a few months before, leaving few options for neighborhood kids.

The recreation center and school were scrapped by 2008, leaving both buildings open to the elements. Joy was demolished in May of 2009. Brewer Recreation Center was demolished 2010.