Belle Isle Golf Course

In the middle of summer when the trees are full of leaves and the brush is thick, one could drive past the former Belle Isle Golf Course and not even realize it was there. Built in 1922, the 9-hole course is located at the east end of Belle Isle, across from the current driving range and boat club. Facilities included a small clubhouse with picnic benches, a covered bridge, and maintenance sheds.

People who played the course in the 90's and 2000's describe it as being well groomed, aside from the occasional wayward deer nibbling at the greens. In July of 2004 a "comfort station" was built at roughly the midway point of the course to give golfers a sanitary restroom facility without leaving the grounds.

The course closed in 2008 for budgetary reasons, after being open under limited hours that summer. Within a year the course was heavily overgrown, with the benches and greens disappearing beneath a sea of grass.