DLH Sports Complex

The DLH Sports Complex is an unfinished multi-purpose sports venue in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The project was the brainchild of Daniel L. Holland, a businessman whose nephew is former NFL star Dré Bly. DLH was intended to be a training facility for amateur and professional athletes, and included an outdoor football field, a 157,500 square foot field house and a 32,400 square foot pool. The field house would feature a large running track, basketball courts, stadium seating, and a football field. Holland convinced Bly and several other professional sports athletes to invest in the $20 million project in 2006.

Though the project was announced in May of 2005, construction was delayed for several years until it began in 2008, and was formally announced to the public in February of 2009. The outdoor football field was finished and opened a few months later, and construction on the field house and poor was scheduled to be finished by the fall. Funding the project was an ongoing problem, however, as the economic downturn left few lending options available. The majority of the money spent on construction came almost entirely from Bly, who sank nearly $10 million dollars of his own money into the complex before withdrawing in 2011.

Construction halted as the project became entangled in legal proceedings, with Bly suing his financial advisors and construction contractors suing DLH. The unfinished complex was put on the market in 2012 with an asking price of $10.5 million. The shell of the field house and pool had been completed with some interior steel work, but little else. Today the only part of the complex in use is the football field, which is home to several local teams.