Churchill Valley Country Club

The Churchill Valley Country Club was started on some farmland east of Pittsburgh in 1931. In the post-war years, golf gained popularity and Churchill Valley saw a surge in membership, particularly as Westinghouse Electric settled nearby. The original clubhouse, and old log farmhouse dating back to 1874 was demolished and replaced in the 1950's with the current clubhouse. A swimming pool and tennis courts were added, adding to the 147 acres of land that stretched across Beulah Road.

Membership peaked in the 1970's at over 1,000 members, and the club remained popular up until closing. The economic recession starting in 2007 was especially hard on golf clubs, which lost membership and had trouble securing loans to make improvements. In January of 2013, the club was placed into receivership after defaulting on a mortgage. It was bought by Zokaites Properties later that year.

The long-term value of the golf club and its grounds may actually lie underneath it. In September of 2015, EQT, a petroleum and natural gas provider, began leasing the gas and oil rights to land under homes near the club. 14 wells were planned for the country club property until the local council banned fracking and other types of oil wells in and around the area.

Since the closure of the club, nature has begun to reclaim the courses. Neighbors now walk their dogs, and some have reported gunfire from hunters on the property. Scenes for a movie titled "The Last Witch Hunter" were shot at the club in September of 2014. Another auction was held in May of 2016 for the contents of the clubhouse.