Salem United Brethren / St. Paul / New Home Missionary Baptist Church

Toledo, Ohio is known as “Holy Toledo” for the number of churches in the city. Many date back to the boom days of the late 1800’s, when the glass industry was booming. On a residential street on the south side of the city is a small, unassuming church, which according to the City of Toledo was built in 1870. Sometime between 1880 and 1889 it became home to Salem United Brethren in Christ Church, which had been holding services in a house since 1868.

The next occupant was St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, which was founded in 1917. Exactly when they moved in isn’t clear, but by 1958 they had relocated to a larger church north. In 1962 New Home Missionary Baptist Church bought the building and used it until around 2005, when the church built a new structure one block north.