Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist

The Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist is a historic church in Cleveland, Ohio. This was the fifth church built by Cleveland's Christian Science community, which established their first church in 1891. In 1925, the Fifth Congregation set out to build a permanent home on Lake Avenue and West 117th. Designed by Frank Bail, construction on the neoclassical style church began in 1925 and was completed in 1927. Unlike other churches of the time, the sanctuary was octagonal, making it an instantly recognizable landmark.

By 1989 the church had closed, and was left vacant. A local grocery store chain bought the property intending to demolish it, but was stopped by preservation groups. The city took possession of the building in 2002, but lacked the funding to maintain or restore it. Several plans for redevelopment came and went, including converting it into apartments, a book store, and a rock climbing gym.

In May of 2014, the Cleveland Landmarks Commission approved a plan to dismantle and demolish the church to make way for a grocery store and townhouses. The proposed development would include decorative elements and the entrance arch being incorporated into the new construction. Demolition of the church began in 2016, and the apartments were completed by 2021.