Transfiguration Catholic Church has an excellent written history of Transfiguration Catholic Church written by James Napora:

"On 14 May, 1893, the St. Joseph's Society of St. Adalbert' s RC Church on Stanislaus Street and the Rev. Jame s Wojcik of Assumption RC Church on Amherst Street in the Grant / Amherst area met to discuss the need for another church to serve the growing Polish community on the East side. Meeting at St. Mary of sorrows on Genesee street, they decided to seek the advice of Bishop Ryan."

"The Bishop, recognizing the importance of this endeavor, gave the proposal his blessings on 20 July. Three day later, the parish was organized at a meeting held at St. Stanislaus RC Church on Peckham street. They selected the name, Transfiguration RC Church, and secured property on the south side of Stanislaus Street between Beck and Mills Streets. One month later, on 27 August, they placed the cornerstone of the original frame building. completed two months later, the combination church/school fronting on Stanislaus Street, served the 50 families in the parish."

"The parish grew tremendously in the next few months and by the end of November, there were over 150 families. Extra masses were soon scheduled but the small chapel quickly became insufficient. In 1895, planning for the construction of the present building, the congregation secured the land across the street from their frame church. They broke ground on 30 June of the following year and placed the cornerstone on 2 August. Completed at a cost of $76.000, they dedicated the building in ceremonies on 5 July, 1897."

"After the merging of the parish with others nearby during the summer of 1993, the future of the former church building became uncertain. The Diocese, eager to dispose of its excess real estate, proposed to demolish it. With the assistance of former parishioners, a stay of demolition was obtained but still, the future of the building remains uncertain."

Transfiguration Church narrowly escaped demolition in 1994 and was sold to a non-profit group, which has been unable to arrest the decay. In November of 2020, the roof of the church collapsed during a wind storm.