Webster Elementary

Elmer Webster Elementary School was built in 1920 and 1921 in Pontiac, MI. Designed by Perkins, Fellows, & Hamilton, Webster was an unusual building, just one story in height and featuring an innovative combination cafeteria, auditorium, and gymnasium located in the center of the school. The basketball court had a stage at one end, and cafeteria seating to the sides. Webster closed in 2006 as Pontiac lost students, and the building was vacant for 10 years.

Most of Pontiac's vacant schools, including Webster were sold in 2015 to a developer. At the time, a neighborhood group had also been looking at buying the property, and after the sale, worked out an agreement with the developer to take over the school. Micah 6 Community plans converting the school into a small business incubator, garden, historic archive, and play space. Renovation of the school is to start in the summer of 2016.