Flint Central High School

Flint Central High School today is a reminder of the past greatness of a city, and the potential for things to come. Built on the grounds of a former sanatorium, it replaced the original Flint High School, which had been built in 1875. Planning began in 1919, with the cornerstone laid in 1922 and the school opening in 1923. Whittier Middle School was built next door in 1924. Noted alumni include radio personality Casey Kasem, pitcher Jim Abbott, and aerospace engineer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson.

Flint Central and Whittier Middle Schools were closed in the summer of 2009 due to budget cuts and low enrollment. At the time the closing was only temporary, and it was hoped that Flint Central might reopen after renovation that were estimated to cost $27 million dollars. But the need for separate high schools faded, as the newer Flint Northern High closed in 2013. One plan discussed in 2014 would consolidate the two remaining high schools into a renovated Central High.