Goddard & Goddard Co.

The Goddard Tool Company was founded in 1916 in Chicago by Paul B. Goddard, formerly of the Illinois Tool Works. In July of 1917, a branch of the company was founded in Detroit, making milling cutters and machine tools for automobile companies including Packard, Studebaker, Maxwell, Lincoln, and Marmon. Goddard moved to a new factory on the corner of Hastings and Forrest in 1919, but by the 1920's had already outgrown the two-story building.

Another factory was built in 1929, this time on the northwest side of the city. Now known as Goddard & Goddard Co., the building consisted of a two-story office complex and steel frame factory floor. There are few details about the company from this time forward, other that they continued to produce tools into the 1940's and 50's. The Hastings Street location became a macaroni factory, and was later demolished to make way for Interstate 75.

By 1980's the factory was being used by Metro Wood Products, which went out of business in 1994. It was used by various companies until 2006, when it became vacant. As of 2014, the factory portion is in use again by a trucking company.