St. Peter’s Home for Boys

St. Peter's Home for Boys was residential facility for young men with behavioral or abuse-related problems. The home was founded in 1950 by Father Ecker, who was the pastor at St. Peter’s church, across from Tiger Stadium. The program quickly outgrew the space available at the church rectory, and a new building was constructed in 1962.

St. Peter’s was a "Pre Supervised Independent Living" program. Residents, often wards of the state, were admitted with limited privileges. Through hard work, good behavior and discipline they gradually gained more freedom and privileges, including attending public schools, weekend dating, trips to museums and sporting events, and camping.

When it closed in 2010, St. Peter’s had helped literally hundreds of at-risk young men and women go on to lead successful lives in a variety of careers and fields. Financial problems, including fundraising shortcomings related to the economic crisis forced the permanent closure of program. Existing residents were transferred to other homes and programs.

Sometime between 2017 and 2018 the home was demolished.