The Wurlitzer Building

The Wurlitzer Building, standing at the corner of John R and Broadway, is a reminder of Detroit’s musical legacy. Built in 1926, the 14-story building served as a showroom and offices for the Wurlitzer company, a well-known organ, jukebox, and musical instrument manufacturer.

As the much more detailed article at notes, the Wurlitzer underwent several renovations, adding more showroom space, a repair shop, and a small auditorium.

Wurlitzer left in the 1970’s, with the remaining tenants leaving shortly thereafter. The building closed for good in 1982.

After a long period of vacancy where the building barely escaped demolition, much of the interior was gutted in advance of renovation in 2011. In 2015, the Wurlitzer was sold to a New York City development company which announced a $20 million dollar plan to convert it into a 100-unit hotel. The Siren Hotel is scheduled to open sometime in 2018.