Roosevelt Place Hotel

By most accounts, the Roosevelt Place Hotel was built in 1923. Located on 14th street across from Michigan Central Station, the hotel catered to passengers and travelers.

When exactly the hotel closed isn't clear, but either just before or after it served as an emergency homeless shelter. The property was purchased in the mid 2000's with the intent to convert it into lofts, scheduled to open in 2005. The 32 units were to range in price from $124,000 to $200,000, but construction never started.

In 2010 the property changed hands once more when it was sold by Wayne County at a foreclosure auction for $37,500. Boydell Development Company has not released any public plans for the building, but has made efforts to secure the building.

Conditions inside the building are treacherous – fire and water damage have weakened the floor in many spots to the point of caving in.