St. Luke's Lutheran / Mt. Olive Church

St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded in 1888 as an offshoot of St. Paul’s. For most of the church’s early years it held services in a chapel on Kercheval at Field Streets.

By the 1940’s, the church had decided to relocate east, and had bought some vacant land at the corner of Kercheval and Seminole Streets. However, construction was delayed due to wartime rationing of supplies, so the church moved into a mansion next door until the end of the war. Ground was eventually broken in 1949 on a 400 seat Norman-Gothic style church, which was completed in 1950.

St. Luke was disbanded sometime around 1982. Mount Olive East Missionary Baptist Church moved into the building after their location on Kercheval was demolished as part of the expansion of the Chrysler Jefferson North plant in 1991. Mt. Olive appears to have folded around 2009, and the church has been vacant since.