St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church

St. Gregory the Great was founded in 1923 on the corner of Dexter Avenue and Chalfonte STreet. The first services were held in the chapel of the St. Francis Home For Boys until a combination school and church could be built in 1925. The school was added onto in 1929, and a gymnasium was built next door in 1937. A convent for the sisters that taught at the school was completed in 1951, while the current church was built between 1950 and 1952.

The last class to graduate from St. Gregory High School was in 1969. Since closing it has been used as a charter school and community center.

In 2013, St. Gregory was merged with St. Benedict to form St. Moses the Black. The church closed in July, with the last mass drawing nearly 1,000 current and former members. In 2018 Hope Church began holding services in the building.