Episcopal Church of the Incarnation / Solid Rock

St. Barnabas was founded as a mission of Emmanuel Church in 1882, with a small chapel on the corner of 14th Street and Breckenridge, near Grand River. As its members moved further north in increasing numbers, the parish decided to sell their existing building in 1923 and moved into a former schoolhouse on Dexter Boulevard and Collingwood Avenue. A permanent stone church was finished in 1926, with seating for 350.

In 1940 St. Barnabas was “amalgamated,” or combined with St. George’s, a small mission on 12th Avenue and Cortland Street. The combined church was renamed Church of the Incarnation and took on services for both churches. To mark the occasion a new altar made of wood and marble was dedicated. Three oil paintings by Sarkis Sarkisian, a Turkish-born artist living in Detroit were donated to the church and placed over the alter in 1943. They depicted the ascension of Christ to heaven, with his mom Mary and St. John.

In 1975 the church withdrew from the Protestant Episcopal Church and changed its name to the Anglo-Catholic Church of the Incarnation. The church remained active until around 2001, and was formally dissolved in 2004.

In 2006 Solid Rock Church of God In Christ moved from a chapel on Crane Street into the former Church of the Incarnation. By 2012 services were no longer regularly being held, and around 2016 the church was abandoned.