Holy Name Catholic Church

The Parish of the Most Holy Name of Jesus was founded in 1919 to serve Catholics who had settled around Van Dyke and Six Mile roads. Father William J. Schulte, a former Army chaplain was tasked with establishing the new church, with the first service in a building at nearby Mt. Olivet cemetery attracting 54 worshipers. By October of 1919 a temporary building had been erected. Due to the large number of children living in the area, the construction of a school took priority, and the first unit of Holy Name school was completed in 1921 and added onto in 1927. A permanent church and auditorium was built in 1928, which later became after a new sanctuary was built in 1953.

Holy Name closed in 1990, part of a city-wide reduction in the number of Catholic Churches. In 1993 the church started being used by St. James Baptist Church, which was later renamed Shield of Faith. Shield of Faith stopped operating sometime around 2016. After a relatively short period of vacancy, the church was bought by Fraternite Notre Dame, a Catholic religious order, and repairs to the sanctuary were started.