Greater New St. Paul Church

Cadillac Boulevard Presbyterian Church was founded in 1916. By 1930 there were over 1,100 people attending, but as the membership began to disperse it fell to a few hundred by the 1960’s. In 1968 the Presbytery decided to close the church, as there were only 148 members remaining with several other locations nearby.

Second Ebenezer Baptist Church was incorporated in 1942 in a house near the Piquette Ford plant, later moving to a mission on Tillman Street, a church on Cadillac in 1964, and then a block south to the now vacant Presbyterian Church in 1969.

Starting in 1999 Faith Temple Apostolic Church of Christ used the building until they moved in 2010. Greater New St. Paul then took over the church, using it sporadically until a suspicious fire in 2019 severely damaged the sanctuary. The church was vacant for two years until it was renovated and reopened as New Welcome Missionary Baptist Church in 2021.