Covenant Lutheran / Rewarding Faith Church

Covenant Evangelical Lutheran Church was founded on February 10th, 1924. Their first church was a wood-timber chapel at the corner of Sorrento and Buena Vista. In November of 1939, the cornerstone for a new $75,000 church seating 650 people was laid. Designed by G.M. Merritt and Lyle S. Cole, the Old English Gothic structure wrapped around the existing chapel, which was converted into a parish house.

In 1990, Covenant moved to a house in the suburbs, and was formally dissolved in 1994. In 1992 the church building was bought by Rewarding Faith, a relatively new church headed by Joseph and Judith Harris. Rewarding Faith used the building until it too closed in 2012. The original chapel collapsed in 2017.

After a period of vacancy, the church was renovated and reopened as O. S. House of Prayers Ministries around 2021.