Birkett Memorial / New Glacier Church

In 1914, a small wooden frame church was built on the corner of Harper Avenue and Frontenac Street and named Harper Avenue Church. The exact history of this congregation is unclear, as a larger brick building on the same block was built the same year with the similar name of Harper Avenue Methodist Church. It is possible that the frame building was a temporary location, but by 1919 it was occupied by Birkett Memorial Baptist Church.

Due to the growth of the Birkett congregation, construction of a new church was proposed in April of 1919. Within a week, $35,000 dollars had been offered by members, and the firm of Jos. E. Mills & Son retained to design it. The existing church building was moved to the rear of the lot and became an addition onto the new one. In August of 1919 the cornerstone was laid; work continued through the winter, and the new church was dedicated on April 4th, 1920.

Birkett Memorial Baptist appears to have been active through at least the 1950's, but there are few details about the church or its congregation.

Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church used the church from at least 1977 to 1979, when it was sold to Greater St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church. Greater St. Paul moved out in 1984. The last known occupant was New Glacier Appersenior Missionary Baptist Church, which was incorporated in 1992. The church became vacant sometime after 1997, and quickly deteriorated as water poured in through a broken skylight. Plant life took root around the altar, while parts of the sanctuary floor caved into the basement.

The church was demolished in October of 2016.