Saint Rita Apartments

The Saint Rita is a vacant apartment building in Detroit that reflects the latent potential in the city. Probably built around 1916, the six-story Saint Rita is a magnificent English Renaissance building located off Woodward Avenue in the North End. Detail work extends from the terra cotta on the upper floors to the tile hallways and variety of interior layouts.

As Curbed Detroit notes, Saint Rita's fantastic details, close proximity to Woodward Avenue and the proposed light rail line makes it a strong candidate for redevelopment. While the exterior is largely intact though, the interior has some problems. The building has been damaged by fire in at least two different places, causing small sections of the floor pancake down on top of each other. There is also the usual scrapping and hobo droppings, but in this case the potential might outweigh the costs.

In 2008 it was placed on an emergency demolition list by then-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, but managed to dodge the wrecking ball. It was sold in 2011 at auction for $5,300.