The Dequindre Cut

From Wikipedia:

"The Dequindre Cut is a below-grade pathway, formerly a Grand Trunk Western Railroad line, located on the east side of Detroit, Michigan just west of St. Aubin Street. Much of the Cut has been converted to a greenway; the colorful graffiti along the pathway has been left in place. The railroad line that once ran through the Dequindre Cut runs roughly northwest/southeast at street level through Hamtramck and on to Royal Oak. The Cut begins south of Wilkins Street (near Mack Avenue and Eastern Market) and continues at 25 feet beneath grade until it enters the riverfront area south of Jefferson Avenue."

"As of 2009, a substantial portion of the Cut has been converted into a greenway. The greenway runs from Gratiot Avenue south to Woodbridge Street, between Jefferson Avenue and the Detroit River. Future plans call for the extension of the greenway to encompass the entire Dequindre Cut, extending further along the railroad right-of-way north to Mack Avenue and south to the Tri-Centennial State Park along the riverfront."

"The greenway currently houses a paved path with separate lanes for both pedestrians and bicycles. Access ramps to the Cut have been constructed at Lafayette Street and Gratiot Avenue. Graffiti on the bridge abutments along the trail were intentionally left in place during the construction of the greenway. Construction project manager Michael Dempsey said in 2007, 'Unless it is obscene or offensive, our policy is to leave it in place. We also want to encourage new works to the extent that the artists are willing to do that - as long as they pick up their aerosol cans after themselves!'"