7th Precinct Police Station

The 7th precinct of the Detroit Police Department was built on Mack and Elmwood Streets in 1959. The station, which replaced the Chene and Hunt Street precincts, cost $500,000 and was dedicated by Police Commissioner Herbert Hart on January 4th, 1960. 250 police officers and 23 detectives covered an area around Gratiot Avenue.

In May of 2005, the Detroit Police Department announced that it was consolidating and closing down several precincts, including the 7th, as part of budget cuts. Police officers staged a "blue flu," calling off of work in protest of the closures, but the 7th precinct closed permanently in September and abandoned. By 2010 scrappers were stripping the building of all of its metal, including the steel bars in the jail cells.

The station was demolished in January of 2015.