Ingleside Club / Woodward Nursing Center

The Ingleside Club was a social club for wealthy Detroiters founded in 1915. As opposed to similar associations like the University Club, Ingleside was open to married men as well as their families. Early members included Henry Ford, C.M. Burton, and Charles Chadsey. Activities included golf outings, plays, lectures, social events, and tea. Construction on a parcel of land at Woodward and Atkinson began in 1915 and was completed in 1916. An addition on the west side was built in 1922.

By the mid 1950's the club folded, and the building was later turned into a nursing home. In the 1990's the facility was known as the Inglewood Nursing Center, and later the Woodward Nursing Center. It closed sometime after 2005.

Though the building had several different additions, details of the original club still remain, such as wooden staircases and entrances. Most of the rooms have been trashed, and there is evidence that homeless people are living there on a regular basis. The building was recently on the market for $500,000.