Highland Park Fire Headquarters

The Highland Park Fire Headquarters is one of three civic buildings that were abandoned after the state takeover of the city of Highland Park. It was constructed in 1917, sharing several design elements with the municipal building next door.

The city government of Highland Park was effectively disbanded and taken over by the state of Michigan in 2002 due to financial problems. While most public services including the police department were shut down, the fire department remained open, eventually moving out of the building in the mid 2000's and into a converted warehouse.

In September 2009 Highland Park was awarded $2.6 Million in FEMA funds for the construction of a new fire station. The plan called for the new station to be built on the grounds of the vacant police station. Architectural renderings initially indicated that parts of the facade would be incorporated into the new structure, but the finished building did not.

The rear portion of the building started to collapse over the summer of 2011. The Police station was demolished in early 2012, and construction on the new Highland Park Fire HQ was finished in September of 2013. At some point in the future it is expected that the old headquarters and civic building will be demolished.