Engine 21 & Ladder 28

In 1926, the Detroit Fire Department built a new station on Linwood Avenue for Engine Company 21, which moved from its old quarters at Lincoln and Marquette in 1927. Ladder 28 was organized the same year. An addition was built for a battalion Chief vehicle at some point.

Engine 21 was disbanded in 2012 due to budget cuts. Chief 5 moved to Engine 17's quarters in midtown around the same time. Ladder 28 was used sporadically through 2013 until it too was disbanded, leaving the station empty. Initially it was hoped that the station would be reopened, and various units checked the building several times a week to make sure it was still in good shape. According to the log book, battalion Chief 5 found scrappers cutting out pipes in the basement and on the second floor. At least one perpetrator was arrested.

After the station was put up for sale, the equipment and records left behind were removed. The station was sold in 2016 and is currently being renovated into a commercial space.