Lee Plaza Hotel / Apartments

From Wikipedia:

Lee Plaza (Also known as the Lee Plaza Hotel or Lee Plaza Apartments) is a vacant high-rise apartment building in Detroit, Michigan... The building was designed by Charles Noble and constructed in 1929, it rises to 15 floors and is an excellent example of Art Deco architecture of the 1920s.

First built as an ornate high rise hotel along West Grand Boulevard, Lee Plaza was an upscale apartment with hotel services. Decorated with sculpture and tile outside, the structure rivaled the Book-Cadillac Hotel and Statler Hotel for architectural notice in Detroit during the 1920s. After economic contraction, the apartment's ownership changed several times, being used as a Senior Citizen's complex before finally closing as a residence in the early 1990s. During its years of vacancy, much of the artwork, internal wiring, fixtures and valuable material has been removed illegally by scavengers.

ForgottenDetroit.com has some excellent pictures of Lee Plaza circa 2004.